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Title: CT Political Action
Post by: x10shooter on January 23, 2018, 10:49:34 AM
To those who live in CT. You may have seen my post elsewhere on FB regarding the two senate seats that we can fill with a pro OHV republican in the form of Rob Sampson and a pro OHV dem in the form of Aili Mckeen. This is not a chance we will get again to have candidates from both parties running for election in the CT senate. If you've emailed your state reps with not much help, it's because they don't want to stick their necks out to have it cut off by the current senators. I strongly advise all of you to support these two in any way possible. Whether it being donating, spreading the information to other groups or getting your friends and family to vote. The only way we can make a difference is to change it from the top down. This may not be cutting the head off the snake but it's damn close.

Aili and Rob were both instrumental in the initial inception of COREC. Aili was once the motorized rep on the RTP Committee until Malloy decided to opt out of the federal program to create his own "Greenways Committee" which has no motorized representation which has since approved millions of dollars for bike paths that has been said will bring millions of dollars of revenue to the state. The idea was to create this new committee to do the same work as the RTP would but with state only funding. I'm sure if you did enough research, this is not the only case where Malloy rejected federal funding only to use state $$. Still wonder why we're on the edge of bankruptcy? Rob Sampson gave us much needed advice in the beginning with pointing us to whom we should talk to and stay away from and both are very aware of what COREC is doing and are still extremely important. Both will need financial support and we have invited them to the COREC Banquet on February 24Th. Aili has RSVP'd and we are still waiting to hear from Rob. The Primary will this August and voting will be November 6th, 2018. I'm not sure if this is the correct spot for this thread, please relocate if needed. 

Rob Sampson has his own web site with links to make donations:

Aili McKeen has a FB page:

Title: Re: CT Political Action
Post by: Angrytj on January 23, 2018, 11:31:16 AM
Thanks Matt.
Title: Re: CT Political Action
Post by: x10shooter on February 08, 2018, 09:36:45 AM
Good Morning NE Jeep,

Some of you may have seen this email from State Representative Rob Sampson on the COREC FB page but I'll share it here too.

"Hey Matthew,

Haha,  Not sure if I will get around to making a video.  You can certainly tell your members they are not alone.  As you know, I grew up riding and racing dirtbikes, competing in the NETRA series, riding all over CT and sometimes in other states.  I know all too well the limited options we have and how unfair it is that the state continues to collect revenue for “off-road” registrations but fails to enact policy to provide for legal riding areas.

Each year, I submit proposed bills to require the state to finally adopt a policy and begin providing for lawful riding locations.   A few years ago, I co-sponsored legislation that changed the law to reduce the potential liability for municipalities for the recreational use of public land.  This was a big deal and should have removed a major impediment to our effort.

I will continue to do what I can to be a voice for OHV enthusiasts, even the quad-riders – jk.

Finally, I am not alone either.  There are quite a few other like-minded legislators and I will be working with them to build consensus and hopefully make something happen."

Most sincerely,

Rob Sampson
State Representative
Connecticut House of Representatives
Office: (860) 240-8700