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Buggies On T.v.
« on: March 26, 2005, 02:15:55 PM »
Starting April 5th in the enfield area hthe next edition of "this side up" will air featuring Buggies.
These are the Stock and Super Buggy races and the Iron Man Buggy Race on OCt 24 '04.

The next edition will be the Iron Man Qualifiers and the Iron Man Race from Oct 24 '04 also, that will be done hopefully by May, it not fun not beimg digital!!(that is comeing real soon!!)

After those are done the  Sept 12 races will be digitized and redone to include the "A" block and "B" bLock races wich weren't featured in the first show.

From there on the show"This Side Up" will become a weekly Half hour show featuring one class at a time. (ex. Trucks/ Buggies).

April 7th the first Oct show will air in the Bolton,Andover, Ellington, Hebron, marlborough, tolland, and vernon areas

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