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Know where you're wheeling
« on: June 15, 2013, 06:43:23 PM »
Today was a first. Usually people who get stuck are trespassing. Not these guys. All had land owner letters. So I made a better effort to get them out. Now there are some unwritten rules about wheeling river meadow property. Especially when you are mostly stock. Keep it in 2wd then if you start to get bogged down drop it into 4 low and back the hell out. I got the call when they got a case 4wd backhoe stuck and unstuck and they realized they were really in a bind. These kids were down on a newly cut trail for pipeline maintenance on the property they have written landowner permission to be on. Luckily for them it wasn't the typical bog that runs most if the meadows that have a lot of Petemoss type ground. They started their little trip on Thursday before the rain. They were having some fun with the puddles. Now this road is about 100 yards from the edge of the dike and about 3-6 feet below the top of the dike. The river was already on the verge of flood stage in the area. When the rain came so did about an inch of water. Over the top of the dike. An inch of water over the top for about a mile came in pretty quick lucky for them it was coming in as slow as it could be. All their vehicles got stuck in the silt river mud they had to walk out because the crap just sucked their cars in. When they left the standing water was 2 inches or so deep throughout the trail. As we know if we watch the weather on the news the river has been rising the past couple days. And more rain scheduled for Monday.

The first one a jeep Cherokee something or another edition was about 1/4 mile from the trail head. The lowest water depth on the trail (right at the beginning) was about a foot and a half deep. The deepest parts of the trail were about chest deep

Can't really see in the pic but the water line was about up to the windows how it didnt hit the electrical I couldn't really tell you the water line inside was just below the panel. Luck I guess maybe his door gaskets were in really good shape. The water subsided that much. He lucked out the water didnt hit the fuses or battery. The water had hit the air box but didnt get up the intake ad drained through the weep hole in the bottom. Actually all 3 were like that. Luckily they all started. I was able to get this one to higher ground it was only a foot under water where I was able to move it. I tried dragging him out but there are no tow hooks at all I ended up yanking the brush guard almost completely off. Way to go jeep. 


Now these guys were on higher ground but the water getting to where they were was about 3-4 feet deep most of the way. And there was no going around I wasn't about to hit bog and sink out of sight. Both of these guys were bottomed out on their skid plates with axles completely buried as well if I could have gotten to them I'm sure I could have pulled them out to a higher spot. On the back side of each of them the water was 4 feet deep was about 6" just to the left. The Chevy was ok the water didnt get into his truck. He was the lucky one out of the 3. The tj in the back had water up to the seat bottoms.

I think they are really screwed if we or points north get more rain this week. They are going to be carless for about another week plus.

There are some more pics the kids took I have to get of the extraction. A lot of snatch blocks and cable.
 Hopefully there will be enough of a dry spell I can get them out before their rides are a complete loss. If you see me posting a grand Cherokee red tj and a Chevy zr2 for a friend. Buyer beware lol

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Re: Know where you're wheeling
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2013, 07:39:09 PM »
crazy.. "never drive through standing water" :redface:

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Re: Know where you're wheeling
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2013, 06:50:51 PM »
4wd helps get you there, winches make sure you get home. Best investment for folks who don't have the money to really upgrade their rigs.
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