Author Topic: Damage by a few damages the entire 4x4 community's reputation.  (Read 5154 times)

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News passed on from the Weare Winter Wanderers snowmobile club: Sometime during the month of May, one or more vehicles illegally drove into the Buxton Forest conservation land and drove through wetlands, causing extensive damage. This property is off Flanders Memorial Road, along the snowmobile trail between Hodgdon / Lafrance Roads and Route 114.

The snowmobile club currently has a standing agreement with the land owner which allows snowmobile-only traffic across the property as the ONLY East/West connecting trail across town. At this point due to these peoples' destructive behavior, the snowmobile club is at risk of losing this important connecting trail, leaving no way to get across town!

There is no reason to believe that any member of ExploringNH would be responsible for this, as the person(s) responsible went out with an intent to be destructive. As a group that promotes ethical and legal off-road recreation, we would like to do anything that we can to help the snowmobile club, land owners, and police find those responsible for the damages, and help with restoration efforts.

Please spread the word about this incident. The more people that see it, well beyond the scope of ExploringNH members, the better. SOMEBODY out there SOMEWHERE knows something. And the snowmobile club has offered a $250 reward, which has been matched by other members of the community, for names leading to the prosecution of those responsible.

We are also keeping an ear out for restoration work days on this property, as the snowmobile club is responsible for repairing these damages that they did not cause. We will pass those on via Facebook and the forums as any dates are announced for anyone who is able to attend or provide resources.

Anyone who knows anything can contact Jeff Filleul, Trail Administrator for the Weare Winter Wanderers, or e-mail the club at

Again, please share this as much as possible so we can help find those accountable!
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