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Major stepping stone coming up
« on: January 28, 2016, 10:15:35 AM »
The Connecticut Off Road Enthusiasts Coalitions relationship with the NOHVCC is giving way to the first workshop which the NOHVCC will be providing. Planning started during a lengthy conference call on Monday night. There are several different topics that the workshop can cover and that will be figured out eventually but, the workshop will take place this summer. It will be scheduled soon and when it happens there will be a post and other information about it here:

The work shop will have invites out to the DEEP and other CT government agencies. This will open up communication between all us and these agencies. There will be no charge and all attendees will receive their own binder and material to keep. This is not a single day wham-bam-thank you m'am. The work shop will be two or possibly even three days depending on the basis of the work shop and very intensive.

We also had our meeting with state representative Rob Sampson a few weeks ago. He discussed several issues with us but the one which controls our situation the most is who we have in office as a governor. For instance, there have been several bills presented to the house which made to the governor only to be veto's by Malloy. Also, he has oddly close ties to special interest "non-profit" conservancy groups. Basically, we 18 months to prepare a full court press starting with who we should elect and then continuing with making as much noise, emails floods and phone calls as we can.

Do not assume the "other guy" is going to do it for you because it's not one person who will make the difference, it's how many of those people we have. I firmly believe that we can get regulated but open trails by mid 2017 IF we work together.

Matthew House
NOHVCC CT State Partner
COREC Co-Chair