Author Topic: The "No really, I'm keeping this one" CJ7 build thread  (Read 230 times)

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The "No really, I'm keeping this one" CJ7 build thread
« on: May 20, 2017, 10:03:49 AM »
As everyone knows by now I keep getting project vehicles and abandoning them, parting them out, and unfortunately helping pay bills this way. Rough year or so financially and it definitely broke my heart to get rid of the Scrambler and now the 77 F250 that I didn't tell anyone about.

I scored a 83 CJ7 in Boston a few weeks ago when I was parting out 3 other Jeeps. I like this one, good engine, good frame(some repair needed), nice dash and pad, runs, drives, etc....(for now lol) and best of all cheap!

Tub is pretty gone, I'll use it for the summer but then I have a replacement for it. Nose is fine.

So with no tires and rear axle not attached we got it on my trailer and it made it home where I reattached the axle, found some nice rollers for $100 from a guy, and got it moving around.

I cut up a super rusty 78 CJ7 with no tub, some nice body parts, and a really nice YJ Tub, so I stashed that tub as I hate body work, not great at it, way faster to just swap the tub, lol

Since then I scored a 80's set of axles with 4.10s, Truetrac front and /Detroit locker in rear, and Chromalloy 1 piece shafts, and 1 ton steering off CL from a guy in Norwich who did some nice deals with me before.

While I was there I saw some nice aftermarket black vinyl seats on CJ brackets and a cool CJ roll bar with front loop, welded in grab handles in front, and center bars welded up nicely connecting everything. I bought it all!!

I was stealing the performance 4.0 parts from my 01 WJ that I don't want to build as I got my kid a good 96 ZJ and some cool 4.2 parts to build the hell out of the 4.2(Offenhauser 4 barrel Dual plane intake, torque cam, bearings, newish 4.0 aftermarket head, SS header, nice rebuilt 4 barrel 390 Holley carb, lots of goodies!) and I realized I can swap a 360 in for less money and time, so I went on the hunt for one.

Lo and behold I found an old buyer of mine on CL that had one and I worked out a gun/drivetrain trade with him so I scored this;  78  AMC 360 stock with 79K miles on it attached to a T176 4 speed and dana300 out of an 80's CJ7. Perfect!!!!!!!!! He gave me the V8 radiator, driveshaft's, motor mount, all accessories I need to bolt in and be done(damn, just cursed myself.....)

So now as soon as I can get the parts WJ out of the garage I'm going to swap the axles, complete drivetrain as one, seats, and rollbar. I'll leave the 360 and tub swap until winter if I can, lol if I can keep the jeep   :)

Wish me luck, patience, and especially focus as my woman says I need....

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Re: The "No really, I'm keeping this one" CJ7 build thread
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2017, 02:30:44 PM »
Good luck! Hopefully we get to see it rolling soon
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