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WTB 350
« on: July 22, 2017, 04:14:37 PM »
I just realized I posted this in the wrong place earlier. :rolleyes:

I'm looking for a Chevy 350 for Jordens truck

..also will be looking for someones nice high garage ceiling to do the transplant. (buts that's later)
It seems like the old "plain Jane" carburated primitive SB 350 isn't as available as it used to be.  :neutral:
Its for a '84 GMC K2500. with stock auto and stock everything else.
Jordens away for awhile...(in Mississippi  recovering plane crash stuff ) 

Having his truck ready for him when he gets back would be awesome.
He threw a rod while driving to the base to leave, I got him to where he needed to be in time to get his orders and catch the bus to NJ, then I had to aaa his truck home.  fun day  ((( sigh)))
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