Author Topic: Who Do I Contact for Questions?  (Read 4068 times)

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Who Do I Contact for Questions?
« on: June 25, 2004, 12:25:29 PM »
Have questions that aren't answered within the forums?  Please contact one of the following via private message (PM):

Rey Rasco - PM: Gorilla_skater

Vice President:
Bruce Cyr - PM: Kakirubi

John Provencher - PM: JohnyPro

Bic White - PM: XJ-Maki

Membership Director:
Peter Gagnon - PM: Swim Trunks & Flippy Floppys Bitches!

Trails Director:
Tom Longworth - PM: TJLongworth

Events Director:
Corey Sedgewick - PM: sedge1080

Charter & Bylaws Director:
Bernie Pudvah - PM: Beaker

Public Relations/Merchandise Director:
Rob Kolek - PM: RobTJ

Land Use / Management Chair:
Jim Daniels - PM: JK4JandK

Rey Rasco - PM: Gorilla_Skater
Damon Scott - PM: Nomadjeep

Additional Moderators:

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2015 Board of Directors:
Rey Rasco (Gorilla_skater) ? President
Bruce Cyr (Kakirubi) ? Vice President
John Provencher (JohnyPro) ? Secretary
Bic White (XJ-Maki) ? Treasurer
Pete Gagnon (Pete) ? Membership Director
Tom Longworth (TJLongworth) ? Trails Director
Matt Guerin (MattG) ? Co-Chair Trails
Corey Sedgewick (sedge1080) ? Events Director
Mark Flynn (ff08jk) ? Co-Chair Events
Rob Kolek (RobTJ) ? PR & Merchandise Director
Bernie Pudvah (Beaker) ? Charter & Bylaws Director
Jim Daniels (JK4JandK) ? Land Use Director
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Re: Who Do I Contact for Questions?
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